Journey Through Conflict Program Overview


Gary developed this program based on over 17 years experience teaching conflict resolution to a variety of students. The program is based on his book, The Joy of Conflict Resolution, and supports learners to put theory into practice. During the two months of the program, participants will attend weekly or bi-weekly instructional and practice sessions and receive with personal coaching (by telephone). Participants will be given (modest) reading assignments between sessions and set their own goals for next session.

Philosophy & Background

Although conflict resolution workshops provide valuable skills and knowledge, participants are often challenged to integrate the skills and break old habits. The concepts may be simple in theory, but are far from easy to apply. Gary developed "Journey Through Conflict" to provide the opportunity, structure and support to apply classroom learning in the world.


Each participant will receive a workbook to use during the classroom sessions and a set of conflict resolution skills cards as practice aids. In addition, each participant will receive a copy of Gary's book The Joy of Conflict Resolution to reinforce and support the learning from the program. The book explores each topic more deeply, offers additional examples and case studies, and provides exercises and tips to help apply the skills and theory. The coaching will be provided by conflict resolution practitioners, certified in both coaching and conflict resolution.