What they are saying about The Joy of Conflict Resolution

From consultants and business people...
"Gary Harper's adroit use of the story-telling model with its "drama triangle" distills much accumulated wisdom about conflict resolution into concepts that are accessible and digestible for professionals and students alike. His common sense narrative approach casts a fresh perspective on the dynamics of conflict and is rich with the kind of insight that enhances problem-solving tool kits for organizations and individuals."

Kevin Evans, Vice President,
Western Canada, Retail Council of Canada

"Gary's ability as a trainer is renowned and now he brings his common touch to a wider audience into this humorous book speaking to real-life problems in the workplace. Not another academic treatise, he provides a quiver of hands-on techniques to manage workplace interpersonal conflicts. His emphasis on the victim-villain-hero triangle ensures quick insight by those needing to immediately apply the learning in their own lives. Using examples from the sandbox to the board room, Gary moves the reader from insight into the dynamics of opposition to choices for acting collaboratively and productively.

Terry Harris, Consultant, Mediator/Lawyer/Trainer

"I use Gary's drama triangle in every conflict resolution seminar that I facilitate. The drama triangle is a safe way for people to discuss conflict, and it gives participants the freedom to reflect more openly on their own conflict stories. Of all of the different approaches I have used over the years, the drama triangle template has been the most effective in helping seminar participants make paradigm shifts in understanding their own interpersonal conflicts."

Lloyd Kornelsen, Corporate Facilitator & Trainer,
Communication & Conflict Resolution

From teachers and trainers...

"Understanding and being able to apply concepts from the drama triangle have helped me immensely in my work as a Conflict Resolution Trainer, Skills Coach and Mediator. Whether it is working with children or adults the idea of victim, villain, hero helps provide a grounding point from which people can explore their ideas and perceptions of conflict; a key element of this exploration is a look at relational patterns. This building of self-awareness allows people who are working to understand conflict the ability to make conscious choices. A book like, The Joy of Conflict Resolution gives those who are curious about conflict an opportunity to explore these ideas in a fun, creative and self reflective way.

Sherri Calder, Mediator/Coach/Trainer & Mom

"As a peace studies and world issues teacher, I use the drama triangle as a template to help students deconstruct war propaganda, to help them recognize the impact of language on escalating international conflict, and to help them understand the motivations of others and ourselves. The drama triangle has been exceedingly helpful in bringing a balanced approach to class discussions on the "war on terrorism" and on the impending war in Iraq. Of all the lessons that I've taught in both of these courses the past two years, the lesson on victims, villains, and heroes seems to have had the greatest lasting impact on my students. Students who took my courses last year, and graduated from high school, still talk about how the drama triangle changed and challenged their views on interpersonal and international conflict."

Lloyd Kornelsen, High School Teacher (2003 nominee for
Prime Minister'sAward for Teaching Excellence)

Gary Harper's book holds gems for those wanting to look at conflict more creatively. Harper's descriptions of the mythic roles we take on for ourselves and put onto others is worth the price alone. Another valuable contribution is the perspectives he compiles from other seasoned veterans in his conflict resolution community. Well worth a read.

Julia Menard, trainer/coach/mediator, Victoria, BC

From professors and college instructors...

"Immensely readable! Eye-opening stuff written with humour. Easy to relate to, and to laugh at yourself. Also practical for learning better ways to deal with relationships we all have. As an educator, I wish there were more texts like this available that students will enjoy reading and really learn from. Highly recommended."

L.D., business instructor

"Congratulations on producing one of the most appealing texts in the field. It is like a novel in the sense that once started, the reader wants to pursue the whole journey...the twists and turns of the "fairy tale' that each of us lives through. All the metaphors and the thread of the Turm- Oil story provide very effective mental 'hooks' for the learner and tools for the trainer."

Professor Verner Smitheram, Director,
Centre for Conflict Resolution Studies,
University of Prince Edward Island

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From readers...

"A really good book on how conflict manfests itself in day to day interactions. Set in a fictional but realistic work environment with very well described and identified character types. This book takes the 'stressful' conversations we all have and the troublesome people we all know and shows you how to dialogue and approach the situation in a new way. A lot of fun to read. "Ah ha's" and "lightbulbs" went off on several occassions when I was reading through this book - its amasing how the portrayed characters mirror so closely people I know! Even better are the scenarios explaining alternative means of dealing with these character types using simple word changes and a more focused communicaton approach. An excellent read and a good reference for simple ways and tools for improving both personal and work relationships."

On-line review

"I just now finished your book and wanted to write to thank you for the excellent presentation. I only wish I had this knowledge before my old girlfriend and I broke up! I just did not know what was "going on" with us mentally when we would clash and having the insight from your book would have helped tons."

J.H., Hawaii, Project Manager

"The drama triangle is something that really makes sense to me so I am enjoying it - both pleasurable and informative in one convenient book!"

KG, Municipal Supervisor

"An excellent job of presenting sophisticated ideas in an accessible and practical way - a constant interchange throughout between theory and practice."

L.M., Surrey, BC

"I have struggled with a lot of interpersonal conflict - your book has given me inspiration and 'pearls of wisdom'. Your writing has opened some new doors for me and your book will remain close to my heart."

Reader and workshop participant

From Conflict Resolution professionals...

"This book is destined to be a classic in the conflict management literature as a practical guide to effective conflict management and improved relationships.

At work, this book will be useful to managers, employees, HR professionals, union representatives and anyone who interacts with others in the course of their work. In families and communities, this book will appeal to anyone involved in relationships with others. In other words, if you are breathing and interacting, this book is for you!"

Ruth Sirman, Trainer, Mediator, Facilitator, Ottawa, Ontario

"Down to earth and easy to read. A must for the middle manager."

Gord Rogers, Mediator/Engineer

From a lawyer...

"This is an excellent introduction to the topic of conflict resolution for anyone looking for some initial guidance, but it's also a book full of useful advice for the experienced mediator, negotiator or manager. Gary's sense of humour shines through the whole work, as he presents concrete solutions to realistic situations we have all encountered. Despite over 25 years in the litigation business, I found many useful tips which I will be able to incorporate into my practice."

David Warner, Lawyer, Terrace, BC