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Articles by Gary Harper   

Gary Harper, Conflict Resolution Articles

The Road to Conflict (103kb pdf or html)

"Taming the Dragon Lady" (93kb pdf or html)

"The Passive-Aggressive: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?" (92kb pdf or html)

"Conflict Drama: Victim, Villain or Hero" (204kb pfd or html)
"Dramatisation des conflits : êtes-vous la victime, le vilain
ou le héros?"
(225kb pdf or html)

"From Conflict to Collaboration: What's the Story?" (104kb pdf or html)
Better Conversations e-zine, April, 2005

"Understanding Conflict: When Did the Knife Go In?" (76kb pdf or html)
Better Conversationse-zine, August 2005

"Culture and Conflict: We're Not in Kansas Anymore Toto" (104kb, pdf or html)

"Conflict Conversations: Listen to Get the Picture" (article on metaphors)
(64kb pdf or html)

"Questions in Conflict: Why do you ask?" (80kb pdf or html)

"Conflict Resolution: Simple But Not Easy (Blame Your Gremlin)" (9kb, pdf or html)

"Three Good Reasons to Ignore Conflict" (97kb pdf or html)

"Conflict Lessons from the Sandbox: Use Your Words" (66kb pdf or html)

No News Isn't Good News: Why regular feedback is vital to a healthy and
productive work environment
(published in: Beyond Numbers Magazine, Oct. 2008)

Tips for the Telephone (64kb pdf or html)

Conflict Style Summary (160kb pdf)

Articles by Other Authors

How to Transition from Co-worker to Manager by Joesph Grenby (Crucial Conversations)

How To Interrupt an Incessant Talker by Linda Sapadin

Handy Tips for Managing Conflict by Kent Highnam (Justice Institute of BC)

Chheng Phung Poem - Stages

Communicating Under Pressure: How to Think on Your Feet by Ed Sykes

When the Boss is a Bully by Daniel D. Elash, Ph.D.

How to Deal with Conflict Avoiders by Dr. Bev Smallwood

The Art of Apology: Are You Getting it Right? by Connie Dieken

Reading Body Language: 5 Mistakes People Make by Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D

When Your Skills Aren't Working by Joseph Grenny (co-author of Crucial Conversations)
A great article that explores possible reasons why our conversations may not be successful, even when we employ our best skills and efforts.

We Have to Talk: A Step-By-Step Checklist for Difficult Conversations by Judy Ringer

The End of Mediation: An Unhurried Ramble On Why The Field Will Fail And Mediators Will Thrive Over The Next Two Decades! by Peter Adler

Working With a Difficult Employee (Crucial Conversations) offers a strategic approach to inheriting a "difficult" employee. (download article) by Ron McMillan

Addressing Power Differentials in Negotiation: Don't Let 'em Push You Around by Stephen Frenkel (Harvard Negotiation Law Project)

In conflict, each person feels hit first.