Conflict Style Cards

All sets include:

  • instructions for exercise
  • debriefing guide
  • summary of benefits/drawbacks/advice

Regular Set of 154 cards (good for groups of up to 20): $60

Large Set of 231 cards (good for groups up to 35): $80

Electronic Set of 77 cards in a Word file and licence to print copies for your own use: $50

*Please note: All products are subject to shipping and handling charges.

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Conflict Management Practical Advice Cards

I recently partnered with internationally renowned interactive trainer, Thiagi, to develop a "Conflict Management" set as part of his "Practical Advice Card" series. In addition to the deck of cards, you will receive a booklet containing 12 training games that can be played with the cards - all designed to stimulate discussion and reflection. This is a wonderful resource for anyone who teaches conflict resolution.

To purchase, please go to the Thiagi Website.